Welcome to Cape Life Mobile

CURRENTLY AT: 403 Main St, Chatham, MA.

Our Mobile Merch Retail Shop allows us to travel to all of the amazing spots and beaches across the Cape that we all love! So be on the lookout for the bus touring around to display and let you shop all of your favorite Cape Life gear!

Track The Bus

Below you can see the ways to track the bus and find out where we will be doing some cool pop up events. Maybe we will be at a winery, a brewery or maybe at the beach or another retail store or restaurant! No matter where, please come join us!

visit us at

403 main st

Chatham, MA
Monday to Friday: 8am - 5pm
Saturday: 8am - 3pm



Are you throwing an event that you think would be a good place for the Cape Life bus to pull up? Or just cross-promote a Pop-up style shop that we can co-market? We would be more than happy to partner or collaborate on almost any type of event with you. This is why we love the concept of mobile retail, we can come to you!